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It’s a bit ironic  and very special to me that we’re launching the website for Colors Hair & Spa on our 22nd anniversary!  And welcome to our first blog post!

22 years ago,  I never knew I’d still be involved with this same company.  I was concentrating on growing a business and had no idea the stretch of time it would encompass.  After all of this time we are proudly still growing!  I never knew how much we would root ourselves into this city and grow to develop into what is now Colors Hair & Spa of today.  I never knew I would need or want a website then…but this is the way of business…its all about being willing to change, and be willing to try new things to help the company you love to grow!  It’s been a fascinating and and totally consuming experience for me.

I really want to thank all of you wonderful wonderful people who have supported us throughout all of these years! You guys are the reason we are here and we love you! Thanks for bearing with us through moves, vans crashing through the place, floods, fires, and crickets!  You’ve been so much fun, and we’ve gotten to know so many of you … You guys are like family! Family we always want to help in their quest to look good and feel good!

And to all of my wonderful staff, both past and present, thank you for all you have contributed to this company. Presently we have Bonnie at 19 years, Lindsey at 10 years, Karen at 8 years, Kirsten at 6 years, Tessa at 4 years, Cayley and Alyssa at 3 years, Genna at 1-1/2 years, Katt at almost 1 year and Jenn at 3 months!  I truly appreciate all of your hard work and dedication and love for this fantastic business of beauty! You guys keep me inspired, are keeping me young lol, and the teamwork and camaraderie moves me in ways you will probably never know.  You guys are just awesome!❤

I have a terrific  team of support behind me! Thank you to Laurie Taylor, Summit Salon Services, Redken 5th Ave NYC, Lana Martell and Summit Salon Business Center, my amazing accountants Roslyn and Clarence Kelln and Loralee Burton of Moriyama/ Burton, Dan Caron from DBD Web Solutions for all of your hard work and dedication to me, both personally and professionally! I cannot picture doing business without you all in my life.

And finally, to Barb and Wayne Heinrich … and my awesome hubby Larry…thank you for believing this company would fly…and for believing in me!  This company would never have been the same without the four of us, having and holding onto a vision of what could be!  I love you guys beyond all stretch of the imagination <3

Onward and upward!  🙂

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